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So where do you begin when planning the biggest event of your life, your WEDDING DAY??? The day that is going to be recorded by photos and videos for forever. The day that everyone will be talking about and sharing on social media sites everywhere. No pressure. There are so many details and things to think through, and it can be overwhelming to even the most organized person. The easiest way for you to navigate through the world of party planning is to start by getting an idea of what you want the overall atmosphere to feel like.

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Are you going a more Casual route? Formal? Dramatic? Country? Glam? Deciding on a style is really the first step you should make toward planning your wedding. Whatever you decide on, it should be a reflection of you as a couple. You should feel completely comfortable and not out of place on your wedding day. Another thing to think about is the time of year you will be having your wedding since a lot of your photos will, of course, be taken outside. Think of the season as the backdrop to your wedding day.


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After that, you should decide on a Color Scheme consisting of 3 main colors. One color will be the focal color, the second color will be the main support and the third color would be an accent color. You can have additional colors that coordinate too, but start with your 3 favorites since that will give you a good launching point for the direction of your wedding. Soft, light colors look the best in the springtime, bold and bright colors stand on their own in the summer sunshine, rich and deep colors look fabulous in the Autumn, as well as in the Winter, where alternatively cool, crisp colors really shine. If you’re not sure that your colors are coordinating with each other, there are endless color combinations that are already put together for you on, well, Pinterest of course. Just type in your main color idea and see what color schemes pop up with it.

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Once you get these little details together, you’ll be able to really start to get a vision for where your wedding is going. Why is that important? Once you know what you want, you can give clear direction to all of your vendors who will be working on making your day a dream come true! Even if you don’t know exactly what design you want for your flowers, cake, dress, décor, etc., as long as you have your wedding style and color scheme picked out, your vendors will be able to give you guidance based on your preferences, making things go a lot smoother and faster at all of your consultations! You’ll definitely want to bring some photos, color swatches, or almost anything else you may have to help convey your ideas and visions to all of your vendors. This will help everyone stay on the same page and will make your wedding an absolute dream come true!!!


Now it’s you turn! Grab a notepad and begin getting your dreams out of you head and into reality!

Wedding Bells and Bliss,

Sarah Anthony

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