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Favors are one of those pieces to the wedding puzzle that will either make or break you. While favors aren’t necessary, it is a nice gesture. It’s a small way for you to show your guests how much you appreciate them coming to the wedding celebration and choosing to spend their time, energy and money on you. When selecting the perfect gift for your guests, remember that you are trying to please a wide variety of people with tons of differences. With over 24 years of experience here at Lakeside, trust me when I say we’ve seen it all! We’ve returned more unwanted favors to the Bride and Groom than we’d like to admit. Bookmarks, coasters, matches, small picture frames and little candles are among the worst offenders. The good news is that we have insider info on what wedding guests ACTUALLY want to take home with them. Over the years, we’ve found that pretty much anything edible or drinkable is a hit. More specifically, these few things are loved by all guests and never leave the Bride and Groom with leftovers to take home:



candy bag


1) Candy- Candy of any kind is a great option! If you choose to do a little bag or box of Hershey Kisses, M&M’s or more of a novelty candy, you can bet pretty much everyone will love it. Just make sure you choose candy that doesn’t have a common allergen in it such as peanuts and tree nuts. Tie a bow around it to match your color scheme and you’re ready to go! Alternatively, you could have a candy buffet and let your guest choose their own candy.




2) A Bottle of Wine or Champaign- These little glass bottles are the cutest and (bonus!) they look really pretty set up on the guest tables. You can go with one type of wine or champaign for everyone or you could alternate Red, White and Blush wine. A nice touch is to add a personalized label with your names and wedding date on it or a more modern alternative would be to label it with your signature wedding hashtag! You won’t be taking any of these leftovers home.



in lieu of wedding favor

3) A Donation- This option is really nice, especially if there is a charity or organization that is near and dear to your heart. You can make a donation it in honor of your wedding guests! You could have a card placed at each place setting explaining to your guests the charitable donation that has been made in their honor and a little bit about the organization that you have chosen.



lottery ticket favor


4) Lottery Tickets- Ok, this seems a little crazy, but trust me, everyone loves these favors! It creates a little bit of anticipation and excitement for your wedding guests as well as a fun icebreaker for family and friends who may or may not know each other yet. Lottery tickets create a lot of laughs and fun conversation.



Wedding favors are one of the few areas of the wedding where it is not about the bride and groom, but instead it’s about your wedding guests. So make sure your favors relay some of the gratitude you have for your wedding guests!



Wedding Bells and Bliss,

Sarah Anthony

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