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Ok, as far as wedding movies go, there are a lot of great ones to choose from. A really funny wedding movie is Monster-in-Law, with Jennifer Lopez and Jane Fonda. If you haven’t seen it and need a laugh, go check it out! While the movie overly dramatizes the tensions that could arise between family members when planning a wedding, we all know that person that Jane Fonda played. The one who has an opinion about everything, is always right and has no problem speaking up. Whether it’s a soon-to-be In-Law or that old friend from college, working with someone like this can be tricky when it involves planning a wedding and even more so when that person is helping pay for it.


We’ve seen this scenario play out during meetings with Brides, Grooms and other friends and family here at Lakeside. The Bride and Groom are asked a question and if they hesitate for even a split second, you-know-who speaks up and says what they think the answer should be, making it awkward. Then the Bride and Groom will have to either just go with it, or will have to disagree and explain to them why they don’t think their idea was a good one. Another situation we’ve had is when the friend or family member advises the Bride and Groom to go against everything we suggest from professional experience. This could be anything from the time dinner should start to the type of Hors D’oeuvres people most enjoy, and beyond.  Just remember, there is a big difference between someone helping you make decisions and someone who makes your decisions for you.



So here are 5 tips for how to handle this situation:

  1. Be careful with who you invite to your meetings, if you can. Less is more. Stick with just a few key people you want to be with you through the decision making process.
  2. Don’t choose their advice over professional direction! Have they been an Event Planner for the past 25 years? Probably not.
  3. Don’t let them control you. By making you feel stupid or wrong, these people may not even realize how manipulative they can be. Speak up for yourself.
  4. Choose your battles. If it really isn’t a big deal to you, ask for their opinion and let them make the decision.
  5. Keep them busy with other things. If they can help with some busy work, it’s a WIN WIN! Get creative.



Always remember, the stresses of the wedding will settle down and before you know it, you’ll be living happily ever after! In the end, your menu and the centerpieces won’t matter, but family is family! Never get so caught up in things that don’t really matter that you mess up the things that do.


Wedding Bells and Bliss,

Sarah Anthony





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