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Bill Shock


We hate seeing wonderful people get taken advantage of. So one of our biggest pet peeves here at Lakeside is when we hear about Brides and Grooms who booked another venue thinking they were saving money, only for them to find out later that they actually spent WAY more than they would have spent here at Lakeside. Some other venues will mislead you and say that say the price is a low flat price, and it sounds amazing, but then the excitement of the quote wears off and you realize you didn’t ask the RIGHT questions!


Things to think about with other venues… Do you have to find, schedule and pay your own bartenders? Do you have to deal with large black garbage cans being drug through your reception to haul out the trash in front of your wedding guests? Do you have any access to landscaped grounds so you can take photos or any scenic green space for your wedding guests to enjoy? Can you have a beautiful outdoor ceremony in a picturesque setting? Do you have to do all of the decorating yourself? Do you and your family members have to stay hours after the reception tearing down the decor? Do you want to eat off of plastic plates or off of real ones? That will cost you! Read the fine print, see through the smoke and mirrors and compare side by side before even thinking about booking another venue.


Do we have sneaky add-ons or hidden costs??? No. We have our prices listed on all of the pages of our information packages and we’ll spend as much time as you need going over every detail to make sure you fully understand everything about booking your reception here at Lakeside. Our prices include your dinner, unlimited drinks at the bar, unlimited shots for the bridal dance, Hors D’oeuvres, champaign toast for the Bridal Party and Family tables, white linen table clothes and linen napkins, all of the china, silverware, and glassware is included in the price. We also do all of the set up, decorating, skirting, and put out favors, as well as take down all of the decorations at the end of the night. You can choose to use one of our card boxes, and you can choose from our many centerpiece options. We offer much much more and its ALL INCLUDED IN THE PRICE!!!


Can you do upgrades if you really want to? Absolutely! You can upgrade your wedding in any way you feel like you want, but our packages are all encompassing so you really don’t have to upgrade anything unless you simply just want to. In the end, your wedding day is YOUR WEDDING DAY!!! It will be one of the most memorable days of your life. Don’t. Go. Cheap. Just. To. Go. Cheap. If you compare prices, we give you the best of the best for the best price around. So take a minute and dare to compare!!! You might just be surprised at how far your money will go here at Anthony’s Lakeside Party Center.


Wedding Bells and Bliss,

Sarah Anthony


5 thoughts on “What a Rip Off!

  1. Megan Clark says:

    Having our reception with Lakeside was the best decision we made about our wedding! It’s been 8 months and our guests still rave about the food, staff, and atmosphere. Sometimes we wish we could do it all over again!

    • Staysha says:

      Kathy – Absolutely beui!aful!t!! you have once again captured the best moments in their lives and ours!!! and your comments are so touching to the heart! We are all a truly blessed family!thanks Betsy!!

  2. Eva Cipriani says:

    I was so happy with the professionalism and personal care taken by Sandy and the whole staff. The wedding experience at Lakeside was worth every penny and I didn’t think twice about using them for the baby shower, too!

  3. Sean & Alexis Thomas says:

    My husband and I chose Lakeside for their reputation. Sandy was fun to work with, she goes above and beyond to make your day special. Pricing was reasonable. Everything else was handled by Lakeside which took a huge weight off of our shoulders. I’d love to relive the day. THANK YOU SANDY AND LAKESIDE STAFF FOR MAKING OUR DAY SPECIAL AND VERY MEMORABLE!! 💋💞

  4. Julie says:

    We had our reception here in Dec. 1999 and we still get compliments on it! It seemed expensive until we saw what we were getting…we literally did nothing to prepare or clean-up. The gifts were even loaded into our cars by staff. Would highly recommend this venue!

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